Thursday, 5th of May 2022.

Leaders of our party in Zamfara State, distinguished members of our party in Zamfara State,  distinguished members of my delegation, distinguished members of the press, ladies and gentlemen.

Let me begin by saying that I am blessed to be in your company this morning because when I met with the chairman, he told me that I would be able to address the complete delegates from the State of Zamfara in Abuja, and I was ecstatic because he made the journey easier for me. Before I got this opportunity, I was already arranging how to get to Zamfara. It is a great honor for me, and I thank you all for it, especially the chairman.

Let me begin by mentioning that I have one advantage over many others, which is that I can find a home in any part of Nigeria. When I went around asking our leaders what we should do to make Nigeria great, we all agreed on the following basic points:

  1. A more unified Nigeria,
  2. A safe and secured Nigeria,
  3. A prosperous Nigeria where every citizen should find something to do to earn a living,
  4. A Nigeria that has equal opportunity for all.

Nigerians understand what they need to grow as a country. Today, I’d like to declare that, based on my knowledge of Zamfara state, I strongly believe that, with the correct leadership and economic management, Zamfara state has the tendency to become Nigeria’s richest state. Today, I also know that an average of 20 people die in zamfara every day, which is alarming in any human context. And because they are ‘regular’ individuals, they don’t get much attention.

The position I take in front of you is that we must all agree that every Nigerian’s life matter! Every Nigerian’s life is important, whether he/she is a ‘big person’, a ‘small person’, or an ‘ordinary person’, or one who is ‘unemployed or employed’, every Nigerian’s life matter!

You all directly know my history and pedigree as an aspirant today. You all know that wherever I have worked, whenever I step in, peace returns there. Whenever I step in, stability returns there. Whenever I step in, growth and prosperity returns. Wherever I step in, there is equity and fairness.

The election of 2023 will not be like any other. We’re attempting to find a leader who can save Nigeria. It is not just another election, and life will continue to be meaningless unless we find the appropriate leader, else in the midst of plenty, we will remain impoverished.

All I ask is that we work together to save Nigeria. If you ask me what this collaboration means for the state of Zamfara, I will tell you that it means restoring security and respect for human life to Zamfara. I would ensure that Zamfara’s natural riches are managed first for the benefit of the Zamfara people, then for the benefit of Nigerians. I would ensure that Zamfara State becomes Nigeria’s richest state. And I’m going to make sure I have my own place in Zamfara!

Anyone who knows me knows that I never say something I will not do. I am not your traditional politician. I express what I mean and what I am capable of. So, dear Zamfara brothers and sisters, now is the moment to be very vigilant not to be misled by anyone.

We had this Country on the part of growth – the fastest growing economy in Africa, we had this Country on the part of peace – where unity had its dwelling home in this Country. We had this Country on the part of security – where you could travel from Abuja to Zamfara without any fear, but today this is where we are.

The problem is simple. Leadership. And it’s the leadership that will bridge that gap: this is what I’m offering. Are you ready to go with me!?  Mr. Chairman, as I already stated, I am at home. In Zamfara, I don’t need to say much. And I feel well at home in Zamfara when I glance around.