Igbos in Ghana endorse Anyim, to rally other diaspora support for him.


Tuesday, April 26th, 2022

Senator Anyim Pius Anyim’s presidential aspiration received diaspora endorsement on Tuesday, 26th April, 2022 when the “Eze Ndigbo na Ghana” (King of the Igbo Community in Ghana) warmly endorsed his quest to become the President of Nigeria next year.

His Royal Majesty, Eze (Dr) Ambassador Chukwudi Ihenetu led some members of his Cabinet and other Igbos to the Campaign Headquarters of “the Greater Nigeria 2023” in Abuja to tell Anyim that they were in full support of his ambition.

They also assured Anyim of not only the support of Igbos in Ghana but Igbos in the entire West African sub region.

Eze Ihenetu lamented the deplorable situation in Nigeria and urged Anyim to answer the call of God to rescue the giant of Africa.

Said he: “We have come here to assure you that we will support you. I am a king and I am not supposed to be partisan but as far as Igbos are concerned, we must promote ours.

“We are talking of an Igbo president who will lead Nigeria. Igbos are Nigerians with biggest investment outside their home. Igbos own property everywhere in Nigeria.

“We will not like to destroy Nigeria. Rather, we want Nigeria to remain together because where a man’s wealth is, there his mind is. We want to protect our investments and in the process, we will also protect the investment of our neighbours and other Nigerians.

“You have the fear of God, you were sent by God and I believe that you are the right person, looking at all the positions you have held.

“We also know that it is the time for the Igbos. We Igbos in diaspora will like to have you there. Millions of Nigerians in diaspora would want you as president”, he insisted.

On the problem of Nigerians outside the country, His Royal Majesty said: “The reasons Nigerians in the diaspora don’t want to come home is because Nigeria is no longer conducive for them.

“So, Your Excellency, one of the requests I am putting before you is that when you get there is, please make Nigeria conducive for Nigerians to live.

“This electricity we are enjoying in your office right now, make it permanent for Nigerians. Our people can produce a lot of things but without electricity, they can’t do it”, Eze Ihenetu lamented.

“Give us peace and give us security”, the diaspora Igbo King also requested, regretting that investments from foreigners and Nigerians abroad were no longer flowing into the country because of insecurity and dearth of infrastructural facilities.

Responding, Anyim, who is the foremost presidential aspirant on the platform of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) assured them that he knows the problems of Nigeria and that he would fix them when elected president next year.